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Expert tips and information to help farmers, ranchers and other ag operators navigate the changing agricultural landscape, run a successful business and maintain the safety of their operations.

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Protect your next with Nationwide

Nationwide is committed to providing farmers and ranchers with the products and resources they need to be successful. Discover how we can help protect your next.

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Telematics solutions

Improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of your agricultural operation with discounted pricing on telematics solutions for farms and agribusinesses.

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Farm and Ranch Living

FarmHer podcasts and other resources for farm and ranch families.

Nationwide cares about farmers and ranchers

Here are just a few of the important programs and causes we support:

» Agriculture education: Learn how Nationwide supports teachers and inspires the next generation of agriculture leaders.

» Women in agriculture: Learn how Nationwide partners with FarmHer to support inspiring women working on farms.

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