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Not many organizations can say they have more than 25 million alumni in the U.S.

That number doesn’t come close to measuring the massive influence of 4-H. It has a strong national commitment to education, community improvement and agriculture. And Nationwide is proud to support the organization that is so important to so many.

This emphasis on education and support of agriculture is central to the Nationwide ethic. It makes our support of the organization a natural fit.

4-H offers youth programs in areas like STEM, agriculture and civic engagement. Activities provide members career-focused experience with diversity and inclusion, leadership and public speaking. They’re important skills in today’s modern agricultural workforce.

Young people who participate in 4-H are three times more likely to pursue a four-year college degree. Girls alone are 10 times more likely to pursue careers in a STEM-related field.

“We know that today’s youth will play a vital and necessary role in future ag innovation by applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve real-world ag challenges,” said Jennifer Sirangelo, President and CEO of National 4-H Council.

“4-H is honored to partner with industry leader, Nationwide, to continue to spark youth passion for agriculture and to welcome and encourage all youth to be engaged, involved and have a seat at the table for the issues that impact their daily lives,” she added.

National 4-H Council engages youth in agriculture

See why Nationwide sponsors the National 4-H Youth Summit on Agri-Science and the impact of the Nationwide and National 4-H Council partnership.

Why agricultural education is important

Today, technology is influencing and shaping just about every sector of agriculture. That stretches from crop and livestock production to large agribusiness management and scientific research.

This evolution will enable agriculture to continue to meet the world’s growing food and fiber demand. But fewer people are choosing agriculture careers. Recent data show there is a deficit of around 40,000 jobs in the industry.

Preparing youth for careers in agriculture

To overcome this challenge, 4-H is committed to helping expose young people to career opportunities in today’s high-tech agriculture.

But 4-H is about more than promoting agriculture to young people. Participation also instills the passion to pursue those careers.

“At Nationwide, we recognize the skills learned by young people in 4-H can be applied across all aspects of their personal and professional lives,” said Mark Berven, President and COO of Nationwide Property and Casualty.

“Regardless of the industry someone chooses for a career, 4-H provides the foundation for a successful future. And you never know where it will take you. Nationwide’s current CEO Kirt Walker is a proud 4-H alumnus,” Berven added.

4-H provides real-world experience

Participation in 4-H helps members develop career skills. Those skills are also important to their communities. 4-H programs foster diversity of thought and inclusion. They’re both critical skills in today’s ag workforce.

Moving forward, 4-H will continue to offer real-world, practical education and experience to members. Programs like the 4-H National Youth Summit Series will prepare them for agricultural careers. And Nationwide will continue to support the organization that’s been so formative to millions.

“Nationwide is a company founded by agricultural leaders. Our steadfast support for National 4-H Council is something we’re very proud of. That’s especially true as we explore new ways to encourage diversity in agriculture,” Berven said.

“We all need to eat. I feel it is our responsibility to help develop new pathways for young people to get involved in agriculture. That may be directly or indirectly. 4-H is a pipeline for future talent. Nationwide will continue doing our part to help assure American agriculture is led by our very best and brightest,” Berven added.

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