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American agriculture plays a pivotal role in our country’s well-being and prosperity. We are proud to celebrate the work of farmers this National Ag Day. Farmers work tirelessly to produce an abundant, diverse food supply for our communities and the rest of the world.

Despite challenges like low commodity prices and unpredictable weather, farmers always rise to the occasion. They provide a steady flow of nutrition for our nation. Nationwide and the Nationwide Foundation are committed to helping ensure a strong and robust agricultural and food sector for years to come.

Advancing agriculture through research and innovation

The U.S. population will surpass 398 million people by 2050.* That means food demand is putting more pressure than ever before on agricultural systems. Meeting the needs of a larger population requires sustainable ag practices. Innovations in farming, efficient water use and soil conservation are essential. Achieving food security for all Americans is our vision.

The Nationwide Foundation is proud to partner with The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) to build viable and sustainable agricultural practices through its Food Security Collaborative initiative. This unique partnership between the Foundation and CFAES is enabling groundbreaking research and technological advancements in the ag sector. We’re also focused on strengthening and diversifying ag leadership development.

Human health and global wellness stand to benefit from the advancements achieved through the efforts of the collaborative. Together, we’re addressing critical topics ranging from food security and foodborne illnesses to food as medicine. The Nationwide Foundation has invested $27.3 million in the Food Security Collaborative since 2016.

Hunger relief

It is crucial to invest in upstream efforts that enhance ag output. But we must also tackle the urgent issue that 1 in 8 U.S. households has faced food insecurity in the past year. Poverty, health disparities and social inequities are all influenced by food insecurity. Bringing hunger relief to the masses takes a collective approach.

That’s why the Nationwide Foundation supports Feeding America, its Agri-Food Engagement Program and member food banks across the nation. It has provided more than $35 million in support since 2000. Feeding America and its affiliates feed nearly 50 million people each year and distribute more than 6 billion pounds of food annually. 

“Even communities where food production is the biggest industry in town face food insecurity,” said Nationwide Agribusiness President Brad Liggett. “By sharing both financial support and leadership — from the local to national level — we’re working with Feeding America to help take on this challenge. We’re providing immediate assistance with mobile food pantries, SNAP assistance and meal programs for remote, rural communities.”

Together, we can end hunger

This National Ag Day, join us in taking action to end hunger. There are many ways to contribute to ending food insecurity in rural and urban America. Local fundraisers and food drives build resources that can be deployed in community-level efforts to stop hunger. Many community food banks rely heavily on volunteer support, making time another valuable donation to the effort. 

Find your nearest food bank. See other ways you can take this National Ag Day to help end food insecurity in your community. Learn more about National Ag Day, including what you can do to contribute to food security in your community

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