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Fire causes $102 million1 in property losses on U.S. farms, ranches and agribusinesses each year. Faulty electrical equipment is one of the top sources of those losses and the business downtime fires cause. That’s why managing the risk of faulty electrical systems in agriculture is so important. 

The process starts with assessing the safety of your farm or agribusiness’s electrical systems. Then, take proactive safety measures to help prevent health risks, property losses and other hazards created by electrical fires. Leveraging new technology and services can help you do that, ultimately enhancing farm fire and electrical safety.

New technology helps prevent electrical fires and disruptions

Nationwide partner PrevTech offers innovations to help prevent losses caused by faulty electrical systems. The company’s combination of new technology and expert guidance help mitigate risks and minimize costly disruptions and damage. It provides early warning signs that electrical components are failing or overheating. This includes wiring, breaker panels and motors. More than 2,000 farmers and business managers employ PrevTech solutions today. 

PrevTech's unique team of experts actively monitors electrical networks. They initiate contact with customers the moment PrevTech systems detect a potential issue. Then, they work to diagnose problems and find solutions before those issues turn into farm fires. PrevTech solutions offer peace of mind by acting as a vigilant eye and detecting early signs of electrical issues before they become big problems. 

"Farms and agribusinesses have evolved into complex and sophisticated entities,” said PrevTech CEO and Founder Pierre-André Meunier. “At PrevTech, we recognize electrical networks as critical strategic assets. They must be meticulously monitored and maintained for operational health."

How PrevTech minimizes electrical fault fire risk

PrevTech makes products and services to help do both. They cut the risk of fire on farms and agribusinesses from electrical faults with: 

  • Real-time monitoring and fault detection. By catching problems like faulty wiring early, the PrevTech team can help prevent minor issues from escalating into major incidents like fires.
  • Proactive risk prevention. PrevTech experts assess electrical safety risks and proactively reach out to farmers to advise on the right corrective action.
  • Overheating detection. Excessive heat is a common precursor to electrical fires. PrevTech systems can identify overheating at electrical panels within buildings.
  • Tailored solutions. PrevTech’s systems are fully customizable. Whether you run a small family farm or a large agribusiness facility, PrevTech tools can provide tailored protection.

The power of prevention

PrevTech goes beyond technology. The combination of innovative tools and service focus on awareness. This, in turn, empowers farm and agribusiness operators. By providing early warnings of electrical overheating, PrevTech enables swift action. This ultimately helps keep minor issues from escalating into tragic fires. PrevTech’s proactive approach to system upkeep coupled with real-time support ensures cost savings and sustains agricultural livelihoods.

“PrevTech amplifies the impact of these technologies with a crucial human element. Our proactive outreach ensures that clients understand the risks identified. It also provides guided support to implement the necessary corrective measures,” said Meunier. “This blend of technology and personal touch sets us apart."

Nationwide policyholders’ advantage

Nationwide policyholders are eligible for preferred pricing on PrevTech systems. To learn more, visit PrevTech or contact PrevTech at 888-224-0604 or nationwide@prevtech.us.

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[1] U.S. Fire Administration