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The growing sophistication of today’s farmers and ranchers calls for a strong understanding of the challenges and risks inherent to 21st century agriculture. When you see an agent is On Your Side® Nationwide Farm Certified, you can rest assured he or she is a trusted advisor with the training and experience necessary to help you overcome those challenges now and well into the future.

A Nationwide Farm Certified agent knows agriculture, understands the evolving risk exposures on your operation — whether large or small — and can provide you peace of mind backed by the nation’s #1 farm insurer1. It starts with a unique three-tier training program that builds on every agent’s extensive experience in agriculture. 

“We focus on the risks and exposures that other agents aren’t asking about. We foster a better understanding of the risks inherent to all different types of operations,” said Nationwide Agribusiness Sales Manager Marc Menninga. “Farm Certified agents understand the risks, exposures and challenges farmers face today. The Farm Certification program enables our agents to truly be trusted advisors.”

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Three certification levels enhance agents’ ability to help farmers manage risk

Each level builds upon the previous level to expand your agent’s knowledge and understanding of risks and exposures on the farm and the products and coverages offered by Nationwide. You can be confident that your local Farm Certified agent is well-prepared, for example, to help you know what to consider when expanding your farm operation and make sure your farm is not underinsured in the case of a loss.

On Your Side® Farm Review

Because farms are always changing, your Nationwide Farm Certified agent will want to conduct an annual review of your farm to build on his or her knowledge of your operation. “Certified agents know any changes a farmer makes can directly influence – sometimes greatly – the farmer’s risk exposure,” Menninga said.

Learn how to prepare for your annual farm insurance review.

A Farm Certified agent’s knowledge stretches beyond things like crops, facilities and machinery. “Certified agents know their customers and how to optimize their risk management strategies,” Menninga said. For example, some farmers are risk-tolerant while others are more risk-averse. Farm Certified agents understand this range of attitudes and how each customer approaches insurance based on his or her risk philosophy. It’s just one way Farm Certified agents apply a deeper understanding to ensure every customer is confident in his or her risk management.

“The conversations become less about insurance products and more about that relationship and covering the customer’s needs now and in the future,” Menninga said. “Whether on a large Montana wheat farm, a Midwestern row crop farm or a Texas cow/calf operation, Farm Certified agents know the inherent risk exposures and the specific needs of every customer. They simply take care of their customers.”

Nationwide Agribusiness Vice President of Sales and Underwriting, Dirk Pollitt said it best, “Our agents are always striving to be trusted advisors for their customers, and the Farm Certification program is a crucially important piece of the solution. It provides our agents a platform to better understand our products and how they can benefit the farmers and ranchers they serve. Our Farm Certified agents can provide an elevated level of expertise and service to their customers as a result of the insight and relationships they’ve gained from their involvement in the program. We continue to hear from our customers that these are the agents they want to do business with. At Nationwide, we exist to protect people, businesses and futures with extraordinary care and these Farm Certified agents help us do that!”

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[1] A.M. Best Market Share Report 2019.