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Founded in 1982, Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources & Related Sciences (MANRRS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting academic and professional advancement of minorities in the fields of agriculture, natural resources and related sciences.

Beginning as early as the seventh grade, MANRRS members have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, insights and connections to help pursue successful careers in agriculture—and make a difference in the world. And for corporate partners, like Nationwide, MANRRS helps them move their diversity and inclusion strategies forward and provides them access to America’s largest pool of underrepresented minorities in agriculture for internships and permanent jobs.

Nationwide understands the importance of MANRRS

As a sponsor of MANRRS, Nationwide is working with MANRRS in various ways to build skills in the next generation of agricultural leaders, while serving as an employer of choice and advancing access to agriculture careers.

“The changing face of agriculture is exciting and our sponsorship of MANRRS allows us to continue to support and embrace diversity of thought at the ag table,” said Nationwide Sr. Consultant Krista Soda. “With MANRRS, we not only have the opportunity to help amplify their mission but we can be a catalyst for helping develop and recruit the next generation of diverse leaders in ag.”

If you can see it, you can be it.

At MANRRS, if you can see it—you can be it. Andrew McCrea, farmer and award-winning host of The American Countryside, talks with 2022-2023 MANRRS President Dr. Marcus Bernard about how MANRRS is making a difference for minority youths.

I am MANRRS. You are MANRRS. We are MANRRS.

The above tagline runs deep in the hearts and minds of MANRRS members. Watch these short video clips to see how MANRRS has impacted these future ag leaders.

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