Pivoting—it’s the new normal. Kara Babinec is no stranger to jumping into the deep end. As the head of sales & marketing for the family livestock operation, one of the largest pastured poultry operations in the country, Kara and her team have made major shifts to their operation as a result of COVID-19.

In this podcast, Marji Alaniz, FarmHer founder, talks with Kara of Gunthorp Farms about how her operation shifted from selling direct to restaurants to selling direct to consumers.


FarmHer is an organization that celebrates women who are a part of agriculture through their stories. Together, Nationwide and FarmHer have shared a long running relationship with a mutual appreciation for supporting these women. Through the Everybody Eats partnership, we encourage you to explore the educational, empowering and inspirational women and to share their stories with your community.

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