On August 10, 2020 an unusually strong and long-lasting line of thunderstorms, later determined a derecho, traveled over 700 miles throughout the Midwest inflicting catastrophic damage to hundreds of farms.

Many grain bins, empty or nearly empty preparing for harvest, were severely damaged beyond repair. Some of the damage could have been prevented with grain bins rated to withstand higher wind speeds.

Mitigating storm damage to farm buildings and their valuable contents is a big part of farm risk management. If high winds are a concern on your farm, stronger grain bins can help protect your stored grain and the revenue potential it represents.

This is why Nationwide launched BinStrongSM, an awareness campaign to help farm and agribusiness owners and operators understand the benefits of building stronger, higher wind-speed rated grain bins.

BinStrongSM by Nationwide

Watch this animation about where and why bins fail and what makes some bins stronger than others.

Nationwide talks on the importance of stronger bins

Hear how Nationwide is leading the way to advocate for stronger grain bins.

Farm Credit Mid-America supports farmers investing in stronger bins

Hear how investing in stronger bins is a good long-term financial strategy.

Four questions to ask to see if stronger bins are right for your farm:

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