Unwarranted Farm Animal Cruelty Lawsuit Coverage
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Get Free Coverage for Unfounded Farm Animal Cruelty Lawsuits

unwarranted animal cruelty lawsuit protection

Like you, Nationwide believes that animal abuse is inexcusable. Everyone involved in animal agriculture has an ethical obligation to provide for the well-being of farm animals. But farmers who follow scientific and industry approved standards for animal care and welfare need protection from the costs of unfounded lawsuits.

Livestock producers now have some protection. Nationwide offers additional coverage for AgriChoice® farm insurance policyholders. This free, innovative protection can help cover legal costs of unwarranted animal cruelty lawsuits.

In response to feedback from farm customers, Nationwide developed this coverage endorsement, available in most states.

The unwarranted animal cruelty coverage applies to civil or criminal claims where your farm or ranch business prevails without a finding of liability or guilt, and offers up to $20,000 to help defray your defense costs.

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