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Realtor/Mortgage brokers

Supercharge your leads by connecting with local real estate partners. Your agent direct link can be added to partner sites and collateral, making it easy for customers to access your online sales experience — and giving you a consistent stream of new business.

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Auto dealers

Now more than ever, dealerships are building up their online shopping experience. Your agent direct link allows you to offer quick and easy quotes to your auto partners’ customers.

Maximize your local partnerships:

Use the unique private label URL from Nationwide in your local marketing efforts. Choose from a variety of customizable marketing tactics.
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Digital business card

Provide your local partners with a digital “card” that they can easily share with clients during the financing stage of their auto or home buying process. The business card will provide a direct link to your online sales experience, which, thanks to Nationwide Express®, creates a frictionless experience for the customer, your local partners and your agency.

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Postcard or desktop sign

Consider a leave-behind postcard or desktop sign that includes your agency’s story. Include your direct link to send prospects directly to your online sales experience.

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Digital ads

For partners with an online presence, ask for ad space on their website to promote the partnership. And, as long as you operate within the rebating laws published by the Department of Insurance, you could also offer a small gift to new customers who reach you through that particular partnership.

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