Farmers, growers and agricultural merchants count on you, as a fertilizer blender and/or distributor, for their critical supply of fertilizer. Crops require fertilizer to grow, and your customers look to you for guidance and trust your expertise. With dependable insurance for fertilizer blenders and distributors from Nationwide, you can continue to supply fertilizer even if the unexpected happens.

Whether you sell fertilizer made elsewhere or blend it yourself, we understand your unique fertilizer business insurance needs.

Popular coverage for fertilizer blenders and distributors


Protect your business from premises and product liability issues for fertilizer distributors and blenders.

Liability coverage

Protect your fertilizers, buildings and machinery.

Property coverage

Cover extra expenses or replace loss of income if your fertilizer business has to be rebuilt because of an insured loss.

Business income coverage
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Other commercial agribusiness insurance products

Explore your options for additional protection for fertilizer blenders and distributors.

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