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Management Liability and Specialty news & insights

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Nuclear verdicts promote a dangerous settlement

Live from RISKWORLD 2023, hear how outsized verdicts can drive other insureds to seek earlier settlements, which in turn can encourage additional litigation.

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ESG reporting requirements

Environmental, social and governance reporting requirements are not particularly cumbersome for companies.

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A day at the breach

When it comes to a cyber breach, there are a number of tools an insured can use to fight back.


Antitrust investigations into worker pay heat up

The U.S. Justice Department's antitrust division has sharpened its focus on collusive actions by companies to increase profits by suppressing wages.


Business email compromise explained

Business email compromise (BEC) - sometimes referred to as email account compromise - is a type of social engineering that is one of the most financially damaging forms of cybercrime.


Cyber markets might be stabilizing

Pre-breach services can help insurers prevent and prepare for cyberattacks.


Recognize, resolve and repeat: The essential elements of a successful risk mitigation plan

Construction is inherently risky and there's never a time that's risk free and all is well. In addition to general risks inherent in contracting, there often exist heightened specific risks related to other economic issues, e.g., fewer available projects due to recessionary pressures, severely tightened lending standards, etc.


What financial institutions should seek in a liability insurer

Financial institutions represent a broad array of entities that provide financial services, from banks to hedge funds, to mutual funds, insurance companies, investment advisers and other types of financial organizations. Each of these kinds of businesses faces specialized liability risks, and therefore they need specialized solutions to manage those risks.


3 things risk managers and brokers need to review before securing their crime & fidelity policy

There are several areas to review before picking the right crime and fidelity policy, from growing risk trends to the language provided in the form.


IIJA creates opportunities for small contractors and sureties, alike

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) will soon inject hundreds of billions of dollars into infrastructure projects across the country, including roads and bridges, power grid updates, water infrastructure and railroad enhancements.


Let's Get Surety®!

On this podcast, Let's Get Surety is joined by veteran surety claims attorney Jim Milos of Nationwide to talk about how technology and data collection has evolved and their use in addressing surety claims.


How contractors can protect themselves from surety bond fraud

The construction industry depends upon the protection provided by surety bonds, guaranteeing performance and payment obligations. Unfortunately, fraudulent bonds do exist in the marketplace, negatively impacting owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers who rely on the security the bond provides.


Demand for MLS

Nationwide Management Liability & Specialty leader, Tom Iorio, discusses how data & analytics as well as other technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the game for management liability insurers.


Live from RIMS RISKWORLD 2022

Nationwide Senior Vice President Thomas Iorio and Associate Vice President of Management Liability and Specialty Group Joseph Werner said to mitigate risk, companies should formulate, communicate, investigate and accommodate.


Employment losses in the wake of COVID-19

A look at the most frequent types of employment losses to arise from COVID-19 and return to work.


Excess Casualty in excess

The Excess Casualty marketplace continues to experience large severity losses, driven by an increase in nuclear verdicts and social inflation. Look at some of the large-loss trends, according to Advisen's database.

Strategic opportunities to expand D&O in a shifting marketing environment

As the hard market of recent years continues to moderate, Nationwide Management Liability and Specialty is poised to leverage its strength, stability and industry expertise to expand in to the primary D&O market.