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We are proud to be a leader in Management Liability and Specialty, combining industry expertise and financial strength, including an AM Best (Superior), FSC XV rating and Standard and Poor's A+ Stable rating. But we take the greatest pride in the trust we've earned with our partners over the years.

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Employment Practice Liability

Offers you the ability to tailor terms and conditions to meet the needs of unique risks

Excess Casualty

Delivers exceptional protection for your specialized business demands

Rankings & ratings

Over the years, we have received recognition in our industry for exceptional performance, leadership and service to our clients. Our respected reputation is the result of a true commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business, built on a foundation of financial strength and proven experience.
received 10/17/02, affirmed 12/1/22
2nd strongest of 16
Fortune 100 company
received 5/24/22
received 3/10/09, affirmed 5/27/20

5th strongest of 21

received 12/22/08, affirmed 5/16/23

5th strongest of 21


Covering businesses in the event of unplanned accidents

Complementing cyber risk profiles and maximizing security

Offering a range of insurance options for financial service firms

Meeting the specialized needs of small- and mid-size companies

Serving and supporting professional liability program managers

Delivering comprehensive solutions for a variety of businesses