Ethics and

We are committed to doing business with honesty and integrity and in an ethical and socially responsible way — from dealing fairly with our customers, suppliers and competitors to protecting private information and governing with the highest of standards. It’s The Nationwide Way.

Sharing the responsibility

Our culture of trust relies on all associates to do their part to protect our customers, our company’s information and each other. All associates complete annual training and have companywide performance objectives that help ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and company policies.

Our Code of Conduct provides guidelines to help our associates make choices that are in line with our values and our customers’ best interests. Our Supplier Code of Conduct guides our partnerships with suppliers to help ensure a shared commitment to ethics, compliance, diversity, equity, inclusion, human rights, environmental sustainability and fair dealing.

Protecting and securing personal information

Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of personal information is vital to our success.

To maintain the trust of our consumers and partners, we continue to build our cybersecurity foundation to drive Nationwide’s data-enabled digital future. We follow established data handling guidelines designed to help protect our networks, computers and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.

Structured for success

16 members currently serve on the Nationwide Board of Directors, including our Chief Executive Officer. The roles of Chair and CEO are separate.

Our Board of Directors is1
27 %
racially/ethnically diverse

Members of the Board undertake an annual self-assessment of the performance of the Board and its committees, facilitated by an external firm. The Board assesses candidates for re-election when each three-year term ends. Incentive structures approved by the Board reward customer satisfaction, retention, value creation and long-term financial strength.

The Board is made up of six committees to ensure broad and deep coverage of our top risks.

Committees include Audit, Business Innovation and Technology, Finance, Governance, Human Resources, and Sponsor and Customer.

Members of each committee and its Chair are recommended by the Governance Committee and elected by the Board. The Board and its committees meet regularly with our CEO and executive leaders on matters such as sustainability, strategy, business performance, risk management and our industry’s environment.

Our Nationwide Funds Board of Trustees is also diverse, with 25% racially/ethnically diverse members and 50% women.1

We put people first

At the core of Nationwide beats the heart of a mutual company that has always put people first. We exist to serve and protect our members and we believe we can do more together than alone. By taking an approach to corporate sustainability that reflects our values and mutual company structure, we deliver better financial outcomes for our customers while considering the impact on wider society and the environment.

We are a
$18.8 billion
in claims & benefits paid in 2022
$57 billion
in total sales in 2022
AM Best
received: 10/17/02; affirmed: 12/1/22
received: 3/10/09; affirmed: 5/27/20
Standard & Poor’s
received: 12/22/08; affirmed: 4/19/22

[1] Independent Directors as of April 6, 2023.