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Nationwide Exchange Traded Funds

Strategic Beta Innovative Approach Our ETFs How to Use

Strategic Beta

An alternative to market cap-weighted indexing

Nationwide has developed a suite of Strategic Beta ETFs designed to potentially help investors manage risk and improve outcomes. They track rules-based indexes developed by recognized leaders in modern index construction, Rothschild & Co Risk Based Investments LLC and TOBAM.

Learn how Nationwide Strategic Beta ETFs can help you move beyond the limitations of market cap-weighted investments.

Nationwide Strategic Beta ETFs


Innovative Approach

Our partners in index construction

Rothschild and Company

A distinct perspective

Rothschild & Co Risk Based Investments LLC is part of Rothschild & Co, which has been at the center of the world's financial markets for more than 200 years.

ETF Strategy:


Low Volatility
New York City
TOBAM Core Investments

An innovator in index construction

TOBAM is a Paris-based asset management firm that has developed a mathematical definition of diversification. CalPERS and Amundi Pioneer Asset Management are minority shareholders.

ETF Strategy:
Maximum Diversification
Paris/New York/Dublin

Our ETFs

Why Nationwide ETFs?

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“Smart” diversification

Offers more deliberate allocations to potential sources of risk, avoiding the excessive exposures to unrewarded risks implicit in market cap-weighted indexing.

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Advanced index design

Tracks the performance of indexes created by institutional asset managers recognized for delivering value in a dynamic investment environment.

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Flexible implementation

May support more effective risk management by minimizing volatility while delivering the diversifying benefits of de-correlation.

RBUS Nationwide Risk-Based U.S. Equity ETF

ETF Strategy
Low Volatility

S&P 500® Index

Index Provider
Rothschild & Co Risk Based Investments LLC

Rothschild & Co Risk-Based US Index

RBIN  Nationwide Risk-Based International Equity ETF

ETF Strategy
Low Volatiltiy


Index Provider
Rothschild & Co Risk Based Investments LLC

Rothschild & Co Risk-Based International Index

MXDU Nationwide Maximum Diversification U.S. Core Equity ETF

ETF Strategy
Maximum Diversification


Index Provider

Maximum Diversification® USA Index

How to Use

Where the Funds fit in the investor spectrum

Traditional passive management is equal weighted and cap weighted. Strategic beta is risk-based. Traditional active management is active long-only, hedge funds.

At a time when many financial professionals are reexamining the role of active management in their clients' portfolios, Nationwide ETFs bridge the divide between active and passive strategies. They seek to deliver enhanced returns, reduced risk and additional diversification.

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