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You’ll see estimated costs in retirement broken down by year and by client, as well as annual expense details, including premiums and other out-of-pocket health care costs.

Use this tool to obtain estimated LTC costs in a particular state, compare costs from state to state and generate a report to print.

See what's included in the Health Care/LTC Cost Assessment, including estimated costs in retirement and annual expense details.

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The information collected on the personalized Health Care/LTC Cost Assessment will be kept confidential and used to provide an estimate of a client's potential health care costs in retirement. The estimate is based on a client's specific financial situation and goals, as well as their current overall health condition. The client's financial situation and health condition may change over time, and this may affect their future charges. Please keep in mind that the estimates resulting from this fact finder are for hypothetical purposes only and are not guaranteed. For more information on how Nationwide protects your personal information, visit our online privacy policy at