The Nationwide® Business Solutions Group (NBSG) has been devoted to providing expertise in the business life insurance space for more than 25 years. Industry leaders Jessica Dowdy, Vice President of NBSG, and Kathy Bostjancic, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, sat down for a conversation about what they're seeing in the current economic environment and the impact it may have on business clients and the COLI/BOLI industry. 

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End-to-end service model

As you seek tailored solutions for your clients’ unique needs, we partner with you every step of the way.

Our specialized sales team works in partnership with you

Our dedicated underwriters focus only on business life insurance cases

Our streamlined implementation is timely and efficient

We deliver reliable post-issue service, from reallocation to claims

We monitor in-force cases to help with client retention

Our solutions

Our products can help your provide business clients with solutions to fund their long-term executive benefit programs through corporate-owned life insurance (COLI), bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) and insurance-company-owned life insurance , including:

  • A tax-efficient asset on their balance sheet
  • Cash value growth that is tax deferred
  • Often tax-free death benefits
  • Wide-ranging policy investment options
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Nationwide Innovator Corporate VUL®

A flexible-premium variable universal life insurance policy designed for business clients to informally fund executive benefit plans for their key employees and for business succession planning.

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Nationwide Private Placement VUL

A customizable variable universal life insurance policy built for the unique needs of each business. We offer options for qualified purchasers and accredited investors who meet the requirement to qualify for the purchase of PPVUL.

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Once your business clients secure top talent, it’s important for them to keep those key employees satisfied. Find out how employer-owned life insurance can play a role.

A sound asset allocation strategy will help find a balance between risk and reward when spreading investment dollars over different types of asset classes.

Learn about the benefits of nonqualified deferred compensation and supplemental executive retirement plans.


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