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 Why do clients want these employee benefits?

  • So they can take care of their most important asset: These benefits help employees protect themselves and their families
  • To increase employee satisfaction: When your clients offer these important benefits, they build loyalty and keep their best employees happy
  • Tax advantages: As business owners, your clients may be able to deduct qualifying group benefit plan premiums as a business expense


MedPair is a supplemental health insurance plan that provides a solution for your clients and their employees to help offset rising health care costs. 

The program is designed to coordinate with major medical plans to provide additional coverage for employees and their dependents. The result: Employees pay less money upfront for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The plan is designed to help employers facing expensive renewals and increasing deductibles who want to limit the out-of-pocket expenses of their employees.

MedPair works seamlessly with major providers to fill gaps in medical coverage

Our combined inpatient-outpatient benefit includes coverage for services provided in a hospital emergency room, hospital outpatient facility, diagnostic facility, physician’s office, lab or urgent care.

Additional benefits include:

  • Flexible benefit options that can be designed to match up with the medical deductible or out-of-pocket limit
  • First dollar, deductible, and HSA-compatible options
  • True expense reimbursement plan; benefits are paid as employees incur medical expenses
  • Each employee receives an ID card for assignment of benefits to the provider
  • Level commissions for both new business and renewals

Products might not be available in some states. The benefits outlined here are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered a proposal for coverage. Limitations and exclusions apply. Additional plan options are available with underwriting approval.

Nationwide Provide

Nationwide Provide

This innovative supplemental insurance pays upon diagnosis rather than making employees wait until they’ve been billed for treatment.

With coverage of more than 13,000 conditions, employees get paid quickly, which can help them cope with the financial side of their medical issue — whether it’s a bridge over their health plan deductible or coping with serious hospital bills.

Wide-ranging coverage in one plan eliminates the guesswork

Nationwide Provide covers a wide spectrum of conditions across 3 benefit categories. Employees receive coverage across all 3 categories.

Moderate conditions

6,000+ conditions covered. Injuries or illnesses that probably require a short visit to the ER or urgent care.

Choice of payouts up to $800

Severe conditions

5,600+ conditions covered. Serious conditions that require more intensive medical treatment.

Choice of payouts up to $3,000

Catastrophic conditions

1,500+ conditions covered. Dangerous conditions that require medical intervention. 

Choice of payouts up to $10,000

Employee benefits of Nationwide Provide

  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • No accident or hospital admission requirements
  • Plans are guaranteed issue — no medical underwriting ever
  • Coverage applies on and off the job
  • No coordination with other insurance
  • Cash benefits are paid within 72 hours of a completed claim
  • File claims via a web portal or our innovative app
  • A dedicated concierge for extra help

The plan is underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio (GLBP AO L20 or state equivalent), and is subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Product availability may vary by state.

Nationwide Provide is powered by Ansel, Ansel Health, Inc. is an insurance technology company on a mission to build a world in which health hardships don't create financial burdens. The technology behind Nationwide Provide is administered by Ansel. Nationwide, AccuRisk Ancillary Solutions and Ansel Insurance Inc. are each separate and nonaffliated companies.

Nationwide Provide is a limited benefit policy; it is not a substitute for health insurance. A complete description of benefits, limitations and exclusions are provided in your certificate of insurance and applicable Riders. Product availability, benefits, and provisions may vary by state and may be subject to state mandates. Limitations and exclusions apply. All coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the master group policy.

Nationwide, the Nationwide N and Eagle and Nationwide Provide are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Third-party marks that appear in this message are the property of their respective owners.

Beam Benefits

Beam Benefits

Beam Benefits offers dental, vision, life and supplemental health coverage for employers of all sizes. These are tailored employee benefits packages that offer exactly what your clients need. The Beam Benefits plans underwritten by Nationwide® offer a “no-size-fits-all” approach with self-service tools and helpful support.

What Beam Benefits offers:

  • Instant quoting: Beam’s digital quoting tool uses machine learning to give agents and employers customized quotes1 for any group size in seconds
  • Quick and easy setup: Implementation can be processed in as little as one business day2 instead of taking weeks or months, so brokers and employers can get benefits to their clients and workforce faster
  • Employee engagement: Brokers and groups who engage Beam in the enrollment process are seeing >15% increase3 in enrollment, thanks to Beam’s simplified enrollment approach and white-glove service experience
  • Wellness incentives: Beam supports better health through its robust benefits portfolio and its Beam PerksTM program4 — incentivizing healthy habits with redeemable wellness-connected rewards and a smart toothbrush that encourages consistent dental hygiene
  • Help from humans: Support from a real person is available for everything from quotes to claims

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[1] Use of the Digital Quoting Tool not currently available in all states and contingent upon broker's proper appointment and licensure. Pricing customization may vary based on plan and state specific limitations.

[2] Average implementation timeframe based on internal data and dependent on the submission of complete and accurate data entry and broker approval.

[3] As of June 2022, compared to prior carrier’s enrollment.

[4] Beam PerksTM is provided by Beam Perks LLC. Eligible members ages 4 and up at the time of enrollment are eligible to receive Beam PerksTM and must select their Beam Brush color within 45 days of enrollment to participate. If you do not have a mobile device, you can obtain Beam PerksTM by contacting Customer Operations at 1.800.648.1179. Beam PerksTM can be obtained separately without the purchase of an insurance product by visiting Beam PerksTM may be changed at any time without notice and is subject to availability. See for Terms and Conditions.

Dental and vision products underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio, in DE, ID, LA, NM, NY, OH, TX and UT. Dental product administered by Beam Insurance Administrators LLC (Beam Dental Insurance Administrators LLC in Texas). Vision insurance products underwritten by Vision Service Plan (VSP) in WA. Not all products available in all states. Vision product administered by Vision Service Plan Insurance Company. Group Life, Supplemental Accident, Supplemental Hospital plans are underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, OH, marketed by Beam Insurance Services LLC and administered by Beam Insurance Administrators LLC (Beam Dental Insurance Administrators LLC in Texas). Group Life plans are not available to members living in Puerto Rico and product availability may vary by state. Program restrictions and exclusions apply.

Beam Benefits is not a subsidiary of Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Beam Insurance Services LLC and Beam Insurance Administrators are separate companies and not affiliated with Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

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Help employers understand the upside of offering supplemental medical insurance

Many business owners want to keep operating costs under control, so they may not consider offering supplemental insurance to their employees. The cost could be worth the benefit, though. Supplemental benefits can help protect employees and engender company loyalty.


Supplemental medical insurance: We have options
For more information about MedPair or Nationwide Provide, contact us at 1-800-849-5542 or For Beam benefits, call: 1-800-232-2323.