Proven success with corporate and not-for-profit plans

Nationwide has provided retirement plans for nearly half a century. We serve 401(k) and 403(b) plans across all sizes, sectors and geographies. As a Fortune 100 firm1, we have the capital strength, expertise and relationships to manage today's complicated marketplace.

  • We serve plans across health care, manufacturing, construction, financial services, charitable, religious and education industries
  • We have an award-winning2, full-service experience that helps ease administrative work and helps you keep your clients happy
  • We offer a variety of solutions from open architecture investment options to innovative selections such as in-plan guarantees3
  • We address your clients' unique needs, including integration with any payroll provider and options to incorporate other benefits, such as health savings accounts

Products and solutions

Nationwide Account Pledge provides help when fraud happens.

Our innovative in-plan guarantees can help improve employee financial wellness by providing greater certainty.

Your dashboard brings meaningful data and actionable items together onto one screen.

 Why Nationwide?

Provides consistency of service across all interactions

Guided by a team of specialists experienced in converting plans from all major providers

With 300+ region-based specialists for in-person support and 200 licensed reps available by phone

With no added cost, sales commissions or account minimums

  Personalized financial wellness communications

Our Participant Engagement Program connects with employees through targeted communications, action-oriented education and interactive tools and resources. We deploy proactive and personalized campaigns using participant insights, behaviors and moments that matter by life stage. These campaigns are designed to deliver the right message at the right time to help participants optimize their financial wellness and retirement readiness.4


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Meet the team

John Chavez
Consultant Relations
Western Region & National Firm Liaison

Phone: 1-562-754-6622

Andee Gravitt
AVP, Institutional Consultant Relations
Central and Southeast Region

Phone: 1-907-854-1458

Steve Muller
Consultant Relations
Northeast Region

Phone: 1-614-973-9256

[1] Based on revenue, Fortune magazine (June 2, 2021).
[2] DALBAR Plan Participant Service Award, 2014-2021.
[3] In-plan guarantees may not be available in all states or for all plan types.
[4] Results on conversations held, contribution increases and roll-ins are from January 2021 through December 2021. Three-year data on increased retirement savings is from 2019-2021. Results include all 7,600+ plans in the program. Increases are generated by looking at treated vs. control groups.

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