Retirement plans can be a productive addition to a financial professional’s book of business. But when you consider what it takes to identify, establish, service and support retirement plans, it might seem challenging — especially with the changes in our industry’s regulations.

Through our Business Builder Program, we have the people and tools to support you throughout the entire process or just where you need it most.


We can help you with prospecting, plan design and educating your client with regard to choosing a plan fiduciary.

Providing strategic and productive prospecting support

  • We’ll help you identify retirement plans in your area that may be open to a change
  • We’ll review your book of business to see where there could be additional opportunities
  • You’ll be able to determine plan sponsors’ needs with proven tools, such as our key prospecting questions, in order to turn good leads into clients

Helping you and your plan sponsors determine fiduciary responsibility
We can help your clients understand what it means to be a plan fiduciary.

Woman shaking hands with financial professional

 Point of sale

A genuine partnership

Your regional internal consultant and/or regional vice president can help you:

  • Understand pricing and compensation modeling
  • Illustrate investment options
  • Compare providers
  • Partner with a plan administrator
  • Build and deliver a customized retirement plan proposal

In addition, your regional vice president can accompany you to the point-of-sale meeting to help explain Nationwide's unique value and support and to answer any questions.


Once you’ve gained a new retirement client, we’ll provide the resources to set up the plan.


  • Your dedicated implementation manager is the primary contact for the installation of new plans who will work with you and your plan sponsor for all onboarding needs
  • Your field service representative meets with the plan sponsor and their associates to guide them through the enrollment process and plan details, making implementation easy


  • We provide an end-to-end digital experience for your participants, including a customizable enrollment website
  • Our education and enrollment specialists can help with on-site and virtual meetings, education sessions and enrollment meetings

Ongoing support

Our comprehensive support model helps simplify retirement plan management and delivers award-winning1 service.

Take advantage of the full resources of our subject matter experts on such topics as Social Security planning, long-term care and the Affordable Care Act.

We offer you intuitive digital solutions to help simplify retirement planning for you, your plan sponsors and your participants.

TPA webinars
These live and on-demand webinars will help you defend and grow your business and acquire and retain talent.


To learn more about our retirement plan products, contact the Retirement Plans Solutions Center at 1-800-626-3112 or request a meeting.


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[1] DALBAR Plan Participant Service Award, 2014-2021.