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Learn about our suite of protected retirement income and principal protection solutions that can help participants have more confidence and certainty in retirement.

Protected retirement income solutions & features

Income America™ 5ForLife

Investigate this set of funds, trusteed by Great Gray Trust Company, LLC, that provides access to guaranteed lifetime income upon reaching age 65 with a simplified participant experience and helpful tools.

NCIT American Funds Lifetime Income Builder Target Date Series

Discover a solution that may appeal to participants seeking a simple strategy to become more retirement-ready without sacrificing flexibility or control.

Dynamic Default

When we help participants overcome indecision, we see success stories. Which is why we offer new features like Dynamic Default to help participants get on track — and stay on track.

Principal protection solutions

Nationwide Indexed Principal Protection®

Nationwide Indexed Principal Protection is a long-term savings option that protects your principal. That means no matter what the market does, your money is protected, and you retain the opportunity for upside potential.