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Client assessment tools

Our tool helps you analyze and present your clients' Social Security options, including personalized filing strategies and break-even and cash flow analyses.


Create an estimate of long-term care costs that compares locations and years.


This calculator helps to set hypothetical goals, taking into account factors such as a client's retirement savings, pension and Social Security income.


Provide your clients with a personalized estimate of their retirement long-term care (LTC) costs.

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Annuity resources

Give your clients a better understanding of annuities and the benefits they offer with our collection of client-approved resources. No two clients have the same vision of retirement, so you should have options to help meet their lifetime income needs. With a variety of payout options, guarantee levels and equity exposures, Nationwide L.inc+ can be added to a Nationwide Destination℠ variable annuity for an additional charge. Nationwide L.inc is for clients who want the certainty of a consistent income stream that lasts throughout retirement and will never decrease. Nationwide's death benefits, available on many of our variable annuities for an additional cost, offer guarantees so that investments are protected for your clients' beneficiaries. Explore our range of sales materials, client brochures and topic guides for annuities.
Life insurance

Life insurance resources

Use our underwriting tools, supporting materials and programs to help manage and grow your life insurance business. Explore our range of sales materials, client brochures and topic guides for life insurance.

Retirement resources

Our ERISA attorneys from the Nationwide Retirement Institute® Advanced Consulting Group provide you plan design support at no charge. Review order forms and literature for yourself, your plan sponsors or their participants. See all the enrollment options, tools and educational materials available to your clients. With dedicated people and interactive tools, the Business Builder Program is with you throughout the retirement plan process.

Mutual funds resources

Fund managers must meet rigorous standards to become Nationwide subadvisers. Our diligent process involves four steps: quantitative and qualitative research, risk measurement, and monitoring. These results produce a grade, but we don't stop there. We work to establish long-term relationships with subadvisers and we continue monitoring their performance.
Business life

Small-business life insurance resources

The way your client splits retirement money among different types of investments — asset allocation — can have a profound effect on the performance of your client's portfolio. So selecting an asset allocation that fits their investing style and objectives is very important.


Learn about our anti-money laundering program and what is required of an insurance provider.

Access these materials regarding the best interest of the customer when recommending any annuity or life insurance policy delivered or issued in New York.

See some of the major revisions to the Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation, including the incorporation of a best-interest standard of care obligation for financial professionals.

Check state deadlines for completing National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) suitability and annuity transactions training.

The objective of this Business Practices and Compliance Guide is to establish policies designed to achieve compliance with rules and regulations and to detect and prevent violations of those rules and regulations and the internal policies and procedures of Nationwide. The policies and procedures in this guide govern the activities of insurance professionals.

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