The Advanced Consulting Group (ACG) is a highly trained team of JDs, CPAs and other financial services professionals. They focus on advanced financial and tax-planning strategies and are available to assist with your most challenging cases. In addition, ACG team members have extensive business succession expertise and in-depth financial product knowledge to help you build solutions than can help you meet your clients’ needs.

The team, with an average of 27 years of experience, is divided into 3 groups, each with a unique focus:

When your clients have advanced annuity, estate or IRA needs, tap the ACG as a collaborative resource to help break down and simplify these complex topics. Together, we’ll help you determine suitable annuity solutions to meet your clients’ objectives.

When your clients have advanced estate, business planning or long-term care needs, ACG is your go-to collaborative resource. Together, we’ll help you determine advantageous life insurance solutions to meet your clients’ objectives.

ACG also serves as a technical resource for financial professionals who work with plan sponsors and business owner clients. Our efforts focus on providing education and understanding in the use of qualified and nonqualified retirement plans and welfare benefit plans. These products help Americans accumulate, protect and distribute wealth in a tax-efficient manner.

Consult with ACG when your clients ask these questions:

“What are the payout options for my nonqualified annuity?”

"Can you explain the advantages of using an irrevocable life insurance trust?"

“What are some common plan design options that work to increase participation levels and maximize savings accumulation for my employees?”

Here when you need us

When you encounter a complex case, call your Nationwide wholesaler or contact the Advanced Consulting Group for assistance.

Advanced Consulting Group: 614-677-6500 or

While we are able to assist you with advanced financial planning strategies, Nationwide and its representatives do not give legal or tax advice. Please have your clients contact their legal or tax advisor for answers to their specific questions.