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This white paper details the key features of health savings accounts (HSAs) and why you should consider adding them to your arsenal of tax-efficient retirement planning strategies.


This client-facing article identifies some Medicare misconceptions and recommends using the Health Care Cost Assessment to get a personalized report of estimated future medical expenses.

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Fill out and submit this Health Care/LTC Cost Assessment Fact Finder to generate a personalized report that will help you and your financial professional plan for future medical expenses.

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This client-facing brochure explains Medicare basics such as when to enroll and coverage options, as well as compares coverages among Parts A, B, C, D and Medigap.


This white paper outlines the basics of Medicare, explains the enrollment process, and discusses potential Medicare surcharges and uncovered costs.

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This client-facing resource guide suggests various organizations and tools that could help those approaching Medicare enrollment at age 65.

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With people living longer than in previous generations, this white paper explores 6 topics that you may want to consider in longevity planning.


Clients may not realize that Medicare doesn't cover all medical expenses, and they may need your guidance.


An overview of Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage and the supplemental plans that are available.


No Medicare plan covers long-term care (LTC), so the time to consider LTC coverage is before Medicare enrollment.


Some of the biggest changes to Medicare in years take effect in 2023. Learn what's new.


Our Health Care/Long-Term Care Cost Assessment can help predict expenses, giving you and your clients time to plan.


Clients may not realize that Medicare doesn't cover all medical expenses, and they may need your guidance.


This white paper explains LTC options and considers how to think creatively in planning for long-term care in retirement.


This client-facing guide to how and when to enroll in Medicare also details notable enrollment periods other than the 7-month initial enrollment period around age 65.

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This client-facing guide details what is covered under each Medicare "part" and the related costs, as well as comparing and contrasting Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

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This client-facing article compares and contrasts Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage, including costs, coverage limits, and guarantees.

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This client-facing article explains why pre-existing conditions and family medical history are important considerations when making Medicare decisions.

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Since long-term care is not covered by Medicare or Medigap, this client-facing article explains why planning for LTC expenses in retirement is so important.

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This client-facing article presents some of the options you have if you're working past your 65th birthday and still covered by your employer's insurance.

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This client-facing article discusses Part D details, including costs as well as potentially changing prescription drug coverages and gaps.

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This client-facing article discusses Medigap as a supplemental insurance, paying out-ofpocket expenses not covered by Medicare's Parts A and B.

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This client-facing brochure lists questions to ask a Medicare broker to better understand Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plan options.

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Nationwide CareMatters®

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New Heights® Select 10

Offer your clients a fixed indexed annuity designed to help provide growth opportunities and to protect their retirement savings from certain market risks.

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