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This client-facing guide offers ideas to help initiate family conversations about your end-oflife planning.

For clients

Ask these open-ended questions to start the conversation about legacy planning.


Learn why a financial professional's elevation to trusted partner can be significant and even life-changing for the client.


Discover the intricate dynamics of trust and the benefits of cultivating empathy in this essential guide.


Recommend this organizer to your clients for gathering all of their important information in one place, which can minimize additional stress for loved ones in case of an emergency.

For clients

This case study considers the many areas in which you can help meet your new clients' specific legacy-planning needs.


In addition to supporting your clients as they navigate the considerations of aging in place, this guide also outlines alternative housing options.

For clients

This guide considers ways to convert the value of a client's tax-deferred assets into a tax-free inheritance.


These case studies explore how a special-needs trust could help relieve your clients' concerns about their loved one's future care.


Learn how legacy planning helps your client and their extended family, while helping you retain and grow your business.


Consider life insurance as a funding vehicle for an existing credit shelter trust arrangement or other irrevocable trusts.


There is an opportunity to use NQ deferred annuities as a funding vehicle for an existing credit shelter trust arrangement.


Consider this 2-IRA strategy to help clients pass along their IRA assets more efficiently.


This client-facing piece offers important tax implications to consider and actions to take to protect your surviving spouse.

For clients

This client-facing piece explores a special-needs trust as a potential solution for parents seeking to protect their disabled child after they're gone.

For clients

This client-facing guide offers ideas to help initiate conversations with aging parents about their end-of-life plans.

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This client-facing piece offers ideas for making their charitable intent as effective and tax efficient as possible.

For clients

This client-facing guide can help your client take steps to assure that their affairs will be handled and wishes honored in the event of incapacity.

For clients

This checklist is designed for clients to help them ensure that their wishes are honored during their lifetime and that they will leave a cherished legacy thereafter.

For clients

Empower your Black clients with strategies for financial success; gain insights on building trust and growing wealth.


Empower your clients to safeguard their legacy: 9 essential tips for preventing beneficiary designation mistakes.

For clients

For the overwhelming majority of Americans, wealth transfer needs to focus on planning for the costs of long-term care.


A client-facing article that explains how trusts can play a useful role within estate planning strategies.

For clients

A compelling video that explores the impact of crafting a meaningful legacy and strengthening family bonds.


Understanding the key role of empathy in building trust with clients.


A video that explores how financial professionals can use legacy planning to foster stronger client connections.


A video on leveraging legacy planning for stronger client connections in financial services.


Overcome conversational roadblocks to convey to your clients the importance of an estate plan.


Learn how our transition plans use 5 key areas to help protect the future for your client's business and family.

For clients

Learn how a fixed indexed annuity can help protect savings.

For clients

Help clients use a fixed indexed annuity to potentially grow their assets and protect them from a volatile market.

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Use term life insurance as a flexible, lower-cost way to provide coverage for farm and ranch families.


Learn how a professional estate plan can help clients create a wealth transfer plan that benefits the people and causes that are important to them.

For clients

Use our case study to view potential buy/sell options for succession planning.


Our client guide shares how Land As Your Legacy® and our team of experts can help ensure that your clients' agribusiness survives for generations to come.

For clients

Learn more about how the strength and stability of Nationwide® can help farmers and ranchers.

For clients

Share our transition planning checklist to help potential clients prepare for their first meeting.

For clients

Share our transition checklist to help your clients have important legacy planning conversations.

For clients

Review a sample Land As Your Legacy® transition plan.

For clients

Share our planning workbook with clients to help guide them through transition planning.

For clients

Share this guide to help guide your clients and their family members through discussions and decisions about the transition planning process.

For clients

The Land As Your Legacy® program can help reduce barriers to life insurance for farmers and ranchers.


Use our partnership guide to see how we partner with you to help farm and ranch owners create a plan for the next generation.


Learn how Land As Your Legacy® can help your farming and ranching clients.


Read our white paper about various ways to transfer assets from a farm or ranch to the next generation.


View our Regional Vice President map.


Explore our insights for working with wealthy clients.

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Nationwide CareMatters®

Offer your clients coverage for long-term health care with the financial protection of life insurance and flexibility of benefit use.

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New Heights® Select 10

Offer your clients a fixed indexed annuity designed to help provide growth opportunities and to protect their retirement savings from certain market risks.

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