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This client-facing retirement income worksheet can help them plan ahead by reviewing projected retirement income and expenses.

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Consider these 2 new investment options to help provide protection and growth potential.


In the face of volatile markets, consider using these 2 tests to gauge the longevity of your client's portfolio.


This client-facing piece identifies 3 things to think about when planning a Social Security filing strategy.

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This quick reference guide details Social Security facts, eligibility requirements, tax rates, and benefit information.

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This client-facing report looks at the future of Social Security and considers other means of guaranteeing income in retirement.

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This client-facing piece explains the earnings test for some who file for Social Security but continue working.

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This client-facing article explains the 2 provisions that reduce Social Security benefits for some government employees.

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This client-facing list identifies potential mistakes that women should avoid when filing for Social Security.

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This client-facing brochure helps educate them on the filing timeline and includes the Nationwide Social Security 360 Analyzer® fact finder.

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This client-facing list identifies 8 things everyone should know before filing for Social Security benefits.

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This client-facing list identifies 6 important rules regarding Social Security benefits for spouses and survivors.

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This client-facing list identifies 5 rules that could reduce retired public workers' Social Security benefits.

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Complete this Social Security 360 Analyzer\u00AE Fact Finder form before your planning meeting with your financial professional.

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This white paper explains how some pensions for nonprofit and government employees can affect Social Security benefits.


This white paper lists 4 options for a client who has elected Social Security benefits and now realizes that that was a mistake.


This white paper helps clarify the steps for determining a suriviving spouse's benefit and how to maximize it.


This client-facing brochure provides an overview of Social Security and urges them to strategize with you on when to file.

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A client’s FRA is the age at which they can file for their full Social Security benefit. Learn how FRA is changing.


The primary insurance amount (PIA) is the dollar amount of one’s benefit at their FRA. Learn how it’s calculated.


Learn how to view and download the statement that shows earnings over time and current estimate of PIA.


Nationwide’s tool shows clients the monetary difference between Social Security filing strategies.


Nationwide's tax-efficient retirement income program will help deepen your knowledge of how tax-efficient income strategies can benefit your clients.


This client-facing list offers 10 tips to help build a tax-efficient retirement income plan, avoiding higher tax brackets and reducing unintended taxes.

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This client-facing list of questions will help start the conversation when planning for a taxefficient retirement income strategy.

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Take advantage of a market downturn with these 4 key tax-efficiency strategies to help reduce your clients' tax liabilities.

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This white paper explores 3 common sequencing options that could minimize taxation while extending the life of your client's portfolio.

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This client-facing article explains how to minimize taxes with tax diversification and how tax-efficient income strategies can benefit your clients.

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Learn how is social secuity funded and actionable steps your clients can take.


This white paper examines the tax-free nature of distributions from Roth IRAs and presents evaluation criteria to consider when discussing a Roth conversion with your client.


Clients with after-tax contributions in their employer retirement plan should carefully consider Roth conversions.


Learn about the origins of the Social Security program and how it has evolved over time.


This white paper explains why protection against the potential future costs of long-term care should be the new "wealth transfer" concern, regardless of your client's level of wealth.


This white paper compares cash indemnity vs. reimbursement benefits for long-term care (LTC) and explains how Nationwide products interact with the HIPAA per diem.

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Featured retirement savings solutions

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Social Security 360 Analyzer®

Use Nationwide’s Social Security 360 Analyzer to review and compare up to 4 Social Security filing strategies.
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Retirement savings worksheet

This client-facing guide and worksheet helps show why tax diversification matters and how to assess one’s own retirement savings.

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