Agritourism Insurance
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AgriChoice® farm insurance provides liability protection for the operation of a farm or ranch. To be sure you have the appropriate insurance protection in place, inform your agent when you begin to use your farm or ranch for additional money-making ventures, such as agritourism.

Optional endorsements for agritourism protection

Some agritourism protection may be provided as an optional endorsement to your farm insurance policy. These vary by state. Talk to an agent about what options are available to you.

Agritourism insurance may generally cover:

  • Pick your own
  • Roadside stands
  • Farmers market sales
  • Incidental hunting activity
  • Select your own Christmas tree

Commercial liability coverage

Your agent may be able to package your farm policy with commercial liability coverage, providing you with the specialized protection you need for other types of agritourism, such as:

Agritourism insurance is currently not available for:

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