AgriChoice® Plus is designed for farm and ranch customers who have commercial exposures, such as:
  • Hauling or storing grain for your neighbors
  • Seed dealer
  • Custom harvesting
  • Custom spraying
  • Processing, packing, shipping or selling agricultural and food products
  • Farm stores
  • Dairy processing

What an AgriChoice Plus farm insurance policy covers

We start with an Agrichoice policy to protect your buildings, machinery, equipment and livestock. Then we add the endorsements and additional liability protection you need for your specific commercial exposures.

Business advantage endorsement

Can protect against:
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Foundations and other underground property issues
  • Money and securities theft
  • Damage or theft of property in transit

Additional general liability coverage

Your farm liability insurance coverage can be tailored to include:
  • Agricultural and food products you sell or process for others
  • Agricultural services you perform for others
  • Agritourism
  • Your farm premises and operation

Auto liability coverage

Liability protection for owning, maintaining or using:
  • Commercial autos
  • Farm autos
  • Non-owned or hired autos
AgriChoice Plus also includes provisions to help protect you against employment practices lawsuits. This includes protection from unfounded animal cruelty claims.

Additional farm insurance policy coverages

Customize your policy to the needs of your operation.

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