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Produced by Nationwide and moderated by Andrew McCrea, farmer and award-winning host of The American Countryside, the webinar features a panel of farmland experts discussing how landowners and renters can work together to create and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships.

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New to owning or renting farmland?

Our most recent information for new farmland owners and renters

Do you need farm insurance?

Protecting your farmland begins with answering seven key questions.

Protecting your farmland investment

Knowing what happens on your farm is the first step in identifying your liabilities.

Farmland leases: What you need to know

Learn how a well-designed lease can benefit both parties.

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Farmland lease relationships

Learn how engagement between landowner and tenant builds trust and cements long-term relationships.

Making lease agreements a win-win

Watch how a farmland owner and tenant work together to make their partnership work.

Managing attractive farm nuisances

Tips to protect yourself from liability caused by ponds or other natural features.

Retiring or retired from farming?

Talk with our Land As Your Legacy® team of professionals.

Working together, we’ll help you preserve the legacy you and your family have worked so hard to build.

Learn more about Land As Your Legacy

Our most recent information for retired or retiring farmland owners

Passing farm assets from one generation to the next

Watch how a family worked together with Nationwide to keep the family farm.

Tips for peacefully passing on the farm

Four ways to facilitate the right conversation for a successful family farm transition.

Farm transition and estate planning strategies

Learn five strategies to help ease the transition to the next generation.

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