Cattle Insurance
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Get livestock insurance from Nationwide

When you get an AgriChoice® farm insurance policy from Nationwide, you’re also getting protection for our livestock and poultry. That means your cows, bulls, swine, goats, lambs and sheep are covered. So are turkeys and other birds. 

What livestock insurance covers

Livestock insurance covers broad causes of loss protection, including:

Keep in mind that there may be a limit on the value of any one animal, although higher limits may be available.

What livestock insurance doesn’t cover

General farm insurance policies, including AgriChoice, don’t provide coverage for livestock and poultry losses caused by: 

If you’d like specialized cattle insurance coverage that protects against disease, old age and death by natural causes, ask your agent about livestock mortality insurance. Your agent will need to acquire a separate policy from another insurer.

Newly-acquired livestock

Most farm insurance policies provide an automatic extension on farm personal property to cover newly-acquired livestock. It won't typically be covered under livestock insurance. 

Be sure to report new animals within the time frames specified in your policy. Also review your policy with your agent to be sure you're aware of coverage limits and reporting requirements for your newly-acquired livestock.

Protection against animal cruelty claims

AgriChoice also includes unfounded animal cruelty lawsuit protection. This free policy endorsement will reimburse you up to your policy limits to help offset attorney fees if you are prosecuted and found not guilty of animal cruelty.

Learn more about how livestock insurance works and the different coverages available through Nationwide.

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