Your high-value auto deserves a sophisticated insurance policy

hand on the car's stick shift

Vehicles are selling at higher prices than ever before. Between 2016 and 2020, average vehicle prices increased more than 12%.1 Higher vehicle prices can be attributed in part to more sophisticated cars. Vehicle designs are becoming more complex due to advances in technology that make driving safer, more fuel-efficient and more comfortable. Features such as self-driving cars, smart navigation systems, parking and traffic assist, collision assist, adaptive cruise control, alternative fuels and new lightweight materials are transforming the vehicles we drive and the experience we take away.

These advances may translate to more expensive repairs:

  • More parts and systems to fix, including technology-related items
  • More steps and time taken with repairs
  • New tools and costly equipment needed for repairs
  • More skill and training required for mechanics
  • Materials that need replacement instead of repair

Electric vehicles are also becoming more common, and while they're less expensive to maintain, repairs for collisions cost more than on gas vehicles.2

You put a lot of research and money into finding the perfect vehicle for your family. Expectations are high when it comes to performance, safety and experience. You may consider ensuring that you can replace your vehicle if it is a total loss in an accident.

In addition, when you purchase liability insurance, consider the worst-case scenario and purchase auto insurance to cover that situation. Financially successful individuals often require higher liability limits and deductibles than what some mass market carriers might offer.

How Nationwide® Private Client responds

Nationwide® Private Client exists to help make you and your family whole again in the event of a loss. Our coverages were designed with you in mind.

We'll craft coverage for all your investments and assets, including the vehicles you drive. Nationwide Private Client can write multivehicle policies for high-value autos. Some of our key auto coverages include:

  • Deductible options up to $10,000.3
  • Excess liability policy if you need to increase your auto liability coverage beyond $1 million. We have options up to $25 million.
  • Liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist liability limits up to $1 million.
  • Roadside assistance is provided in our base auto policy and offers towing services up to 100 miles from the location of disablement.4 Several emergency roadside services are covered as well, such as lockout service up to $100.5 This is a household coverage, so if your child is in a private passenger auto carpooling to a soccer game in a neighboring state and the car they are traveling in breaks down, they won’t be left stranded. No deductible applies.
  • Rental coverage options up to $7,500 with no daily limit.4 If your car is stolen or involved in a covered loss, you can get a comparable rental.
  • Agreed value is available. Many insurance policies will cover only market value, which may be less than what you paid or what you owe on the vehicle. With Nationwide Private Client’s agreed value option, we agree on what the vehicle is worth when the policy becomes effective so there are no surprises in event of a total loss. We also adjust at each renewal (typically the agreed value will decrease). In California, for qualifying autos, we offer a total loss settlement clause in lieu of agreed value.
  • Auto loan/lease gap coverage is included in our auto policy and helps pay the difference between the value of your auto at the time of a total loss and the remaining balance on the auto’s loan or lease.6
  • Repair or replace your vehicle or its damaged parts with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts, except for glass, unless the parts are unavailable. Optional OEM coverage, which includes windshield coverage, is available in some states instead.
  • Comprehensive coverage includes the cost to repair or replace damaged glass on your covered auto without a deductible. Optional full safety glass coverage is available in some states instead.
  • Additional optional coverages, such as new car replacement and accident and minor violation forgiveness, are available in most states.
  • Take advantage of these great coverages while bundling your auto and home with Nationwide Private Client to save on your premium.
[1] New vehicle average selling price in the United States from 2016 to 2020, Statistica,, (2022).
[2] "CCC Data Shows Collision Repairs 3% More Expensive For Electric Vehicles," Jim Sams, (Sept. 16, 2021).
[3] Up to $5,000 in CA.
[4] Coverage varies in IN, CA and VA.
[5] Coverage varies in IN and VA.
[6] Coverage is optional in IN and CA.