Personal collections insurance

Crafted coverage for your priceless collection

You’ve spent a lifetime perfecting your collection. It’s special to you, which makes it special to us. And with a personal collections policy from Nationwide Private Client, you can get the coverage these cherished possessions deserve.

Collections policies can include jewelry, fine arts, silverware, furs, wine, cameras, musical instruments, stamp collections, coin collections, collectibles and other valuable articles. Whether your collection is worth $25,000 or $5 million, we have a solution1.

Personal collections coverage features

Scheduled or blanket coverage: We cover physical damage or loss to valuable articles, including theft and mysterious disappearance, up to the scheduled limits with options to increase coverage for jewelry and fine arts. You can select blanket coverage for an entire class of collections or individually schedule each item. Your coverage applies worldwide without deductibles.

New purchases: We extend coverage to your newly acquired valuable article, as long it is similar to ones already itemized on your policy, for the first 90 days and up to 25% of your total itemized value.

Market value protection: We offer agreed-value payments on itemized, covered articles. Plus, if the market value of an article on your policy has increased and exceeds its covered amount, we will pay its market value, as measured immediately before a covered loss, up to 150% of the insured amount.

Borrowed jewelry or fine art: Articles you borrow or take on loan and consignment are protected for up to 90 days. Coverage applies to those eligible classes of scheduled valuable articles for which you have already purchased coverage. You are covered up to 25% of your total itemized limit.

Reduced rates for safe storage: We offer lower rates for articles kept in a bank vault, safety deposit box or qualifying home safe, as well as those in homes with central alarms or full sprinkler systems.² We have coverage options that do not require notification before removing items from a bank vault or safety deposit box for use.

Fine art repairs and value protection: For scheduled fine arts, we cover damage that occurs during repair, restoration or the retouching process, up to $10,000.

[1] Restrictions apply; see policy for details.
[2] Limited to specific classes.