Excess liability insurance

Designed to help protect you from events that could damage your financial position and reputation

You’ve worked hard to achieve your success. Nationwide Private Client’s personal excess liability coverage protects you and your hard-earned assets against the potential risk of a lawsuit, so you can be confident about your financial future.

Personal excess liability policy features1

Expanded defense coverage: In the event of a liability claim, this coverage enhancement allows you to utilize your own trusted counsel for consultation with the defense team that we provide on your behalf, even if the allegations of the suit are groundless, false or fraudulent.

Rented or borrowed vehicle liability: When you rent a car, you are covered for personal excess liability on vehicles rented for 45 days or less, with no geographic limitation.

Optional uninsured and underinsured motorist and third-party liability: By adding excess uninsured and underinsured liability coverage, you are protecting yourself from exposure caused by parties that are liable, but do not have sufficient means to cover the full extent of damages.

Optional limited employment practices liability coverage (EPL): Covers damages that you are legally obligated to pay to a domestic employee arising out of a wrongful employment act, wrongful termination or discrimination, as well as expenses incurred by engaging an event management firm to minimize reputational damage.

Optional Employment event management fund: We provide coverage for professional services to help mitigate potential damages or injury to your reputation due to an actual or alleged wrongful employment act involving a domestic employee. This coverage is part of the OPTIONAL Limited EPL coverage.

Optional nonprofit directors and officers liability coverage: Adding the nonprofit directors and officers liability endorsement to your Nationwide Private Client personal excess liability policy will allow you to focus more time on helping the nonprofit organization and less time worrying about paying for a lawsuit. You can choose coverage limits up to $1 million.

Our claims promise: Should an event occur, Nationwide Private Client will promptly assign a highly skilled, caring and responsive professional to be by your side throughout the entire process. We are dedicated to helping protect your assets and reputation.

[1] Restrictions apply; see policy for details.