pair of white and gold high heel shoes

From designer heels to limited-edition sneakers, extensive shoe collections are becoming more and more common. With shoe values regularly reaching four, five and six figures — and occasionally even more than $1 million1 — these collections can become true investments and deserve preservation and protection.

If you have a beloved shoe collection, here are some tips to consider.

Choose a shoe organization method that works for you

In addition to keeping your collection visible and orderly, an organization method can also contribute to the long-term condition of your shoes. For pairs that are worn frequently, open storage promotes airflow and allows shoes to breathe. For longer-term storage, plastic or acid-free cardboard boxes provide more protection.2

Care for your shoes, especially before storing them

Preventive steps, such as applying waterproofing spray and conditioning creams, can help protect shoes from the elements as you’re wearing them. After every wearing, clean off dirt, salt and other debris to help prevent stains and damage.3

Before storing shoes, stuff them with acid-free tissue paper or unbleached muslin fabric to help them maintain their shape. For long-term storage, shoe forms can provide additional support. Consider adding silica packets to storage boxes to help absorb moisture.2

The right storage conditions are essential

A climate-controlled environment is ideal for preserving shoes. Avoid storing them in basements and attics, as well as in direct sunlight.2

Document your collection for insurance

Keep a detailed record of your shoes that includes the purchase date, the price you paid, the market value, photographs, and any other relevant information. Scan receipts and store them with this list to verify their value. This information will be helpful if a loss occurs and you need to file an insurance claim.

If you have questions, please contact your agent or a Nationwide Private Client Risk Solutions professional.

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