Does it see through walls?

man using infrared tool

What child has not dreamed about having superhero powers? The ability to fly, become invisible or see through walls is fantasy that fills science fiction novels and comic books. While none of these scenarios actual exist, the ability to identify water intrusion prior to it becoming a significant claim is a reality.

According to the Insurance Journal, water intrusion incidents account for more than half of all homeowners’ insurance claims, with pipes freezing and bursting, roof and flashing leaks and ice dams among the major causes of home damage.

Nationwide® Private Client takes water intrusion seriously and has embraced technology to “see” leaks at their earliest stages. All Nationwide Private Client Risk Solutions field professionals are Level 1-certified thermographers and trained to identify the difference between a pipe leak, missing insulation and energy transfer.

Infrared markers allow the thermographer to identify areas with varying temperatures. For example, wet and dry areas have different temperature readings. After the temperature change is detected, our Level 1 thermographers put on their detective hats and begin investigating possible causes. If they detect an anomaly, they refer our clients to a licensed construction professional for further investigation.

Understanding the mechanical system application and its respective age, use and location assist in the diagnosis.

Common items susceptible to moisture intrusion include: pin-hole pipe leaks, corroded supply lines, missing seals on shower doors and toilets and aging appliances.

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