We believe insurance should be a personalized protection universe to help safeguard your assets and lifestyle. During a ProtectionPlus Consultation, we evaluate potential risks to your home and provide comprehensive protection recommendations before an unfortunate event can even occur.

Your personalized property review

Watch this video to learn more about what to expect from a ProtectionPlus Consultation, or read our helpful guide.

As part of your homeowners policy, a skilled Risk Solutions Consultant may visit your home to provide personalized recommendations on home safety, security and ways to prevent loss. Using specialized equipment, they can find potential water leaks and other trouble spots unseen by the unaided eye.

In addition to surveying your home, the consultant will talk with you about:
  • Home protection devices, such as automatic water shut-off devices
  • Potential discounts based on home features
  • Helpful natural disaster preparation techniques to share with your family members
  • Resources and services in your area that can help protect you from potential losses, often at an additional discount for being our client

They can also talk with you about a variety of safety and loss prevention articles.

A ProtectionPlus Consultation will also help you evaluate the most appropriate replacement cost and ensure that you’re taking advantage of all available discounts.

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