As an independent personal lines agent, you're committed to protecting your customers, building your business and supporting your community. Carefully selecting a carrier partner and building a productive relationship are fundamental to your ongoing growth and success.

We believe you deserve a carrier who’s dedicated to getting to know your agency and finding ways to reward you for everything you bring to the table. That’s why Nationwide® makes it easy for you to grow and succeed through our Proud Partner Agency Rewards℠ program.

The benefits we offer begin with key products you need to serve your clients. Then we harness the deep expertise of Nationwide to give your agency a crucial competitive edge. Marketing, training, services, and solutions: We’re here to help with those and so much more. Below, get to know some of the core benefits available to all agencies. As you grow with Nationwide, you can unlock additional rewards by moving up through our tiers.

* Nationwide Marketing Operations assessed incremental direct written premium impact by comparing the 7-month average DWP from January through July 2022 per UAC between the treated and control groups, which were split about 50% each and chosen at random. Potential outliers, inactive UACs, some overlapping UACs and UACs without originally assigned tiers were all excluded from the incremental impact analysis. This rigorous and conservative analysis found that the treated group drove up to 21% more in total DWP and 28% more in new DWP per UAC on average than the control group with statistical significance at the 90-95% confidence level. The treated group was also closer to achieving both their current and next rewards tier thresholds across all lines of business and with most tiers, based on 7-month actuals and 12-month projections.