The Nationwide Express® agent direct link makes it easier than ever to grow your referral business. Your clients and partners can simply share your direct link with their family and friends for a more streamlined, automated experience.

Did you know?

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People are 4 times more likely to buy a product or service when referred by a friend.1

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82% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.1

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Referral conversions average 11% — 4 times greater than the average for all other marketing channels.2

Tips for a strong referral program

According to the National Association of Professional Agents, referrals can enhance your sales with only a modest investment of time and effort.3 Here are some ways to implement an effective referral program:

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Create social capital

Offer content or services that help the referrer and their contacts more than it helps you. Include your direct link in the relevant, timely social and web content you serve up to help your clients easily find solutions for their family and friends.

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Automate referrals

Maintain a strong online presence to make it easy for people to find and refer you. Ensure that you have a modern website with optimal SEO and stay active on social media. All of the quality content you publish or post online can include your direct link, making referrals a breeze.

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Take a campaign approach

Infuse referral messaging into a variety of print and digital marketing tactics, including office signage, email signatures and voicemail messages. Consider offering discounts or other referral incentives.

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