Farm property insurance helps protect the extra important things on your farm, such as:
  • Your home and its contents
  • Your farm machinery and equipment
  • The products you produce
  • Your barn and other farm structures

Things that make your farm your farm.

Home and contents protection

Generally, your farm property insurance covers your home, your home's contents (household personal property), as well as tenant dwellings, other buildings and outdoor equipment to maintain your home, including:
  • Detached garages
  • In-ground pools
  • Trees, shrubs, plants and lawns

When you insure your home and its contents with AgriChoice®, your insurance policy also provides coverage for debris removal, credit card theft and loss of use. Optional coverages allow you to increase limits in many situations.

Insurance for personal farm property

Farm property insurance also covers personal farm property. This includes farm machinery and equipment, livestock and farm products (like grain, silage, animal feed, pesticides and fertilizer).

Insurance for farm structures

Look for coverage that protects against losses or damage to your buildings and structures, including barns, confinement facilities, dairy parlors, silos, portable buildings, pens, chutes, corral fencing, building materials for farm buildings and fixed irrigation equipment.

Don't forget to consider the value of any fixtures or mechanical equipment in your buildings, such as milking parlors, built-in augers or dryers. AgriChoice provides coverage for losses to this type of equipment as a result of mechanical breakdown. 

Be sure to check your farm policy for barn insurance coverage on newly constructed barns or other structures. If you add a building, our AgriChoice policy extends coverage of up to $100,000 for 60 days or until your next renewal date.

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For your home, contents and farm structures, you can select the level of coverage that's right for your operation. For equipment, livestock and other personal property used in your operation, your insurance policy will define your coverage based on which causes of loss apply.

The availability of products and discounts varies by state. Products are subject to deductibles, exclusions and conditions.