Product Liability and Umbrella Insurance
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Protect Your Farm Products

Nationwide offers multiple coverage options to provide you with the right protection for your farm. Learn about the policies below to find the right fit for you.

Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance is available to businesses that make or manufacture goods that are sold to the public. It can provide protection in the event a consumer becomes injured from using your product.

While your farm policy provides some product liability protection, this coverage only applies to produce that you grow on your property and that you sell in an unprocessed condition. For instance, if you are selling apples to the public that you grew in your orchard, your general farm insurance policy would provide product liability coverage if a child breaks a tooth when biting into one of your apples.

On the other hand, if you use the apples you have grown to make apple cider, apple butter or some other processed good; you would need to have additional commercial liability coverage written as a complement to your farm policy. Product insurance can give you that extra layer of protection.

Umbrella liability insurance

In the event of an accident in which you are held responsible for damages or bodily injuries, an umbrella liability insurance policy will help to protect your assets. Umbrella coverage will also help to pay for damages you are legally responsible for if another party files a lawsuit against you.

When it comes to your farm, an umbrella liability policy can come in handy – particularly if your farm or ranch vehicles are already insured with Nationwide. Umbrella liability insurance can be added to your Nationwide agribusiness liability policy as an additional layer of liability protection. It’s simply a cost-effective way to add more liability protection for your farm or ranch. Talk to your agent to learn more.

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