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Product information

Target market

For clients who are interested in:

  • Flexible, innovative investment options for every type of investor
  • A support model to help prospect new business, simplify plan administration and deliver award-winning service1
  • A simple, personalized digital experience
  • A commitment to cybersecurity and fraud prevention

Key features2

More choice and flexibility

Product details

Our comprehensive investment lineup, including in-plan guarantees*, provides you choice and allows enhanced personalization for participants.

Your plan sponsors and participants are supported in moments that matter by highly engaged, U.S.-based Nationwide associates.

Our full-service support model acts as an extension of your business, simplifying plan management and providing ongoing education, enrollment and asset consolidation.

Our digital solutions offer customizable reporting and simpler plan management, and deliver to participants simple ways to engage and manage their retirement plan.

Program options

3 fixed investment options:

Additional option

Supported plan types

  • 401 plans such as 401(k), profit sharing and money purchase
  • ERISA 403(b) plans
  • 457(b) plans for 501(c)(3) organizations
  • 457(f) plans

Fees and expenses

  • Investment platform: Provides access to 1,700 investments from various fund families, recordkeeping of assets, online and mobile services, and servicing support
  • Financial professional expense: Provides for consultation services and support individualized for the plan
  • Administrative expense: Provides for initial setup, plan testing, compliance and filing services

Trust and custodial services

Nationwide Trust Company, FSB, serves as custodian or directed trustee of plan assets.

Request a demonstration to see what better experiences and administrative simplicity look like or request a proposal by filling out our online form to receive a customized retirement plan proposal.

Investment menu services

Investment management

When selecting the investment menu for your client's retirement plan, a well-balanced lineup is of critical importance. Whether you plan to build the menu yourself or seek assistance, we have the tools and services to help.

Option 1

Build your own investment menu

Select from over 1,700 investment options from industry leaders covering all asset classes, including:

Option 2 

Use a fiduciary service

2 levels of service are offered through IRON Fiduciary, LeafHouse Financial or Wilshire Associates:

  • 3(38) fiduciary service: Delegate the entire responsibility for selecting and monitoring investments
  • 3(21) fiduciary service: Select from a list of investments recommended while maintaining flexibility in the final fund lineup

Add to either option — Choose among professional money managers

Nationwide ProAccount® offers a valuable solution to plan sponsors and participants by providing the expertise of an experienced institutional investment firm at no additional cost to the plan. Offering managed accounts allows Nationwide Investment Advisors LLC (NIA) to reduce your plan sponsor’s fiduciary liability by serving as a 3(38) investment manager fiduciary.

Nationwide also offers access to CLS Investments, Meeder Investment Management and Stadion, enabling your clients to choose the investment-management style that is best suited to their participants’ needs.

 Investment solutions

 Nationwide offers solutions for the three main types of investors: Do it myself, Help me do it and Do it for me.

Professionally managed accounts4

An independent advisory firm with discretionary authority to actively manage a participant's account

Based on a participant's personal profile, time horizon and risk tolerance

Core menu

1,700+ funds to help you create a best-in-class lineup

Designated funds that usually cover all the basic asset classes

Risk-based, target date5 or custom asset allocation

Includes the new Income America™ 5ForLife Funds, which offer an in-plan income guarantee solution 

An asset mix determined by current life situation or targeted date at which the investor plans to begin withdrawing money

Asset allocation changes to become more conservative as the fund gets closer to its targeted date

Self-directed brokerage account6

Through a self-directed brokerage account, participants have access to, and can invest in, virtually any publicly traded mutual fund, exchange-traded fund (ETF), bond, stock bond or stock

 Participant education

View our educational videos, webinars and other resources.

Request a demo to see how we engage participants and encourage them to take action.

Your participants have access to our Retirement Resource Group® to support them with education, enrollment and other services.

 Older woman looking out window, holding pen

The Nationwide Business Builder Program provides dedicated support for your retirement plans business

When you partner with us on a retirement plan, we support you at every point of the process, including presale, point-of-sale, post-sale, ongoing service and support. With dedicated people and tools, retirement plans will be easier than ever before.

Learn more about the many ways the Nationwide Business Builder Program can work for you.


To learn more about our retirement plan products, contact the Retirement Plans Solutions Center at 1-800-626-3112 or request a meeting.


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* Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance companies. 

[1] DALBAR Plan Participant Service Award, 2014-2021 

[2] Not all offerings are approved for use with all financial professionals/brokers-dealers. 

[3] The following competing funds cannot be offered with the Nationwide Fixed Select Contract: stable value collective funds, other fixed annuity products, money market funds, and certain bond and index funds. 

[4] The plan sponsor, and not Nationwide, selects the registered investment advisor used in conjunction with managed accounts. The plan sponsor must determine whether this service is appropriate for participants. Additional fees apply for this service. This offering may not be approved for use by all broker-dealers. 

[5] Target date funds are asset allocation funds that are based on a targeted date when an investor plans to begin to withdraw money. These funds target the year of retirement, and the asset allocations become more conservative as retirement nears. Target date funds and lifestyle funds are designed to provide diversification and asset allocation across several types of investments and asset classes, primarily by investing in underlying funds. Therefore, in addition to the expenses of the target date funds and lifestyle funds, an investor is indirectly paying a proportionate share of the applicable fees and expenses of the underlying funds.

[6] The self-directed brokerage account available is the Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account® (PCRA), offered through Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (member SIPC), a registered broker-dealer not affiliated with Nationwide 

[7] HSAs are not taxed at a federal income-tax level when used appropriately for qualified medical expenses. Also, most states, but not all, recognize HSA funds as tax-free. Please consult a tax advisor regarding your state's specific rules.

Investing involves market risk, including possible loss of principal, and there is no guarantee that investment objectives will be achieved.

IRON Financial, Leafhouse Financial and Wilshire Associates are not related to or affiliated with Nationwide or any of its affiliates.

Lifestyle funds — also known as target risk funds — are asset allocation funds that are managed based on different levels of risk, from conservative to aggressive.

RIA Managed Account Services is a separate financial processing service offered by Nationwide through its affiliate, RIA Services Inc., that allows sponsors of plans funded with Nationwide Group Retirement Series to make investment advisory services available to participants. The plan sponsor must determine whether this service is appropriate for participants and consistent with the terms of the plan and has exclusive responsibility for the selection of any investment advisory firm.

Nationwide Investment Advisors LLC (NIA) provides investment advice to plan participants enrolled in Nationwide ProAccount. NIA is an SEC-registered investment adviser and a Nationwide affiliate.

NIA assesses participants an asset-based fee for the managed account services.

Retirement products are offered by Nationwide Trust Company, FSB, or Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

Nationwide Funds are distributed by Nationwide Fund Distributors LLC (NFD).

The Retirement Resource Group includes Retirement Specialists and Personal Retirement Counselors. Retirement Specialists are registered representatives of Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, member FINRA, Columbus, Ohio. The information they provide is for educational purposes only and is not legal, tax or investment advice. Personal Retirement Counselors are registered representatives of Nationwide Securities LLC, member FINRA and SIPC, DBA Nationwide Advisory Services LLC in AR, CA, FL, NY, TX and WY. Securities and investment advisory services are offered through Nationwide Securities LLC, member FINRA and SIPC, and a Registered Investment Advisor. DBA Nationwide Advisory Services, LLC in AR, CA, FL, NY, TX and WY. Representative of Nationwide Life Insurance Company, affiliated companies and other companies.

Nationwide, the Nationwide N and Eagle, Nationwide Retirement Flexible Advantage, Nationwide Fixed Select Contract, Nationwide ProAccount and Retirement Resource Group are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. The Best of America is a service mark of Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Third-party marks that appear in this message are the property of their respective owners.