Key information

Nationwide Fixed Select Contract is a group annuity contract designed for investors who are looking for stability, have low risk tolerance and are seeking the security of a fixed contract that also allows them to exchange into and out of it.1 In addition, it offers a competitive quarterly interest rate and features a net interest rate that will not go below 0.5%.2

The Contract may be offered as a stand-alone option in a retirement plan's investment lineup or as part of Nationwide Retirement Flexible Advantage®, a retirement program for plan sponsors seeking a choice of services and features from which they can select those that best meet the needs of their business and their employees.

Supported plan types:

  • 401(k)/(a)
  • Governmental 457(b)
  • Target benefit, profit sharing and money purchase

Interest rates:

  • The Contract offers a competitive quarterly gross interest rate
  • The net interest rate equals the gross rate less the cost of services
  • The net interest rate will not go below 0.5%2


  • Historically, invested assets have less risk than in equity markets3
  • Assets are held in Nationwide Life Insurance Company's general account and credited on a daily basis
  • Both principal and interest are guaranteed, minus applicable fees and expenses and subject to the claims-paying ability of Nationwide Life Insurance Company
  • Plan level liquidity options include either a two-way market value adjustment or a 5-year book value out


The following competing options cannot be offered with this product:

  • Stable value collective funds
  • Money market funds4
  • Other fixed annuity products
  • Certain bond and index funds

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[1] Charges and/or fees may apply depending on the trading policies or the variable fund that the assets are exchanged into and/or out of.

[2] Though the interest rate will never go below 0.5%, a loss to the principal may result after fees and expenses are reflected.

[3] All investing involves risk, and historical performance is not an indicator of future gains or losses.

[4] If the Nationwide Fixed Select Contract is added to the plan, a money market fund can be offered only as the forfeiture or retainer fund but cannot be offered as an investment option for the participant.

Restrictions may apply to exchanges if the plan is utilizing a third-party asset manager. Transfers out of this contract to other funding providers are also subject to certain limitations. Specific information about these restrictions, as well as other fees and charges, are detailed in the contract.

Nationwide, Nationwide Fixed Select Contract and Nationwide Retirement Flexible Advantage are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.