Key information

For participants who are unsure about choosing investments, or who simply lack the time or the desire to do it, Nationwide ProAccount® may be an appropriate choice.

Nationwide ProAccount is a “do it for me” solution for participants who recognize the value of having their accounts managed by investment managers. It is made available by Nationwide Investment Advisors LLC (NIA), which has selected Wilshire Associates to serve as the program’s Independent Financial Expert.

How Nationwide ProAccount works

  • A participant completes a questionnaire that helps identify their risk tolerance
  • Wilshire provides investment allocation portfolios based on participant ages and their personal tolerance for investment risk
  • NIA manages Wilshire’s portfolio performance
  • Participants receive regular communications about their investment performance, market conditions and ideas for improving their financial wellness
Diagram shows 40%.

Only 40% of participants say they are very confident in their ability to make the right 401(k) investment decisions.1

Participant benefits

Participants who select Nationwide ProAccount enjoy the confidence that comes from:

  • Professional fund selection and asset allocation
  • Periodic portfolio adjustments intended to help keep them on track toward their goals
  • A 90-day period to try the service with no obligation
  • No minimum account balance or cancellation fees
  • Ongoing communications

Plan sponsor benefits

Plan sponsors who add Nationwide ProAccount can benefit from:

  • A valuable “do it for me” solution for the plan and its participants
  • The expertise of Wilshire Associates, a leading provider of investment products and services to more than 500 organizations with $1.3 trillion in assets under advisement and $97 billion in assets under management²
  • A proven partner, NIA, who reduces your fiduciary liability by serving as a 3(38) Investment Manager fiduciary for participants using the service
  • No additional cost to the plan³

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[1] “2021 401(k) Participant Study,” Charles Schwab & Co. (June 2021).

[2] Wilshire Associates website, (accessed May 26, 2022).

[3] Participants electing to enroll in ProAccount are charged an investment advisory fee as more fully described in NIA’s Form ADV Part 2A.

Nationwide Investment Advisors LLC (NIA) provides investment advice to plan participants enrolled in Nationwide ProAccount. NIA is an SEC-registered investment adviser and a Nationwide affiliate.

NIA has retained Wilshire® as an Independent Financial Expert for Nationwide ProAccount. Wilshire provides investment allocation portfolios based on participant ages and their personal tolerance for investment risk.

NIA assesses participants an asset-based fee for the managed account services.

Retirement products are offered by Nationwide Trust Company, FSB or Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

Wilshire is a registered service mark of Wilshire Associates, which is not an affiliate of Nationwide or NIA.

Nationwide ProAccount is a service mark of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.