Medicare is a huge part of several complex decisions that clients will need to make as they approach retirement. At age 65, most individuals will have access to the Medicare program and many choices they’ll need to consider to help manage their health care costs in retirement. Our Medicare program provides education and insights to help simplify the complexities of Medicare and project what costs might look like both now and down the road.

Understand the Basics of Medicare

Meet Anita: She's meeting with a financial professional to learn about the basics of Medicare and how it impacts her retirement income.

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Chronic Illness and Medicare

It's important for you and your clients to consider the financial impacts of chronic illness on their retirement income plans. Share the story of Chris and Jerry with your clients, and discuss the factors they consider as they manage and anticipate their chronic conditions in retirement.

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Working Past 65 and Medicare

Not everyone retires before or at age 65. Share the story of Greg and Connie with your clients. They’re a couple who talk about how they managed Medicare after turning 65 and while they were still working.

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