The Nationwide® Health Care/LTC Cost Assessment creates a personalized cost estimate, helping you and your clients better plan for the income they'll need to cover out-of-pocket premiums and additional health care costs throughout retirement.

Health Care Costs and Retirement

The cost of health care in retirement is an overlooked part of retirement planning. Learn more about the impacts of health care costs on retirement income.

Basics of Medicare

Medicare is an important part of your clients’ health care in retirement. Watch an overview of Medicare and how it works.

Costs of Medicare

There are expenses clients can expect in retirement, including Medicare Parts B and D and Medigap insurance. Learn more about each of those options and what Medicare doesn't cover (such as long-term care).

Yearly Changes to Medicare

Medicare needs, coverages and impacts to costs may vary from year to year. Learn more about details your clients need to plan for, including premium surcharges for higher-income retirees and opportunities to provide assistance when coverages don’t match your clients’ needs.

Nationwide Health Care Cost Assessment Tool

Our Health Care Cost Assessment Tool is available at no cost to financial professionals. Learn how to leverage both the tool and our personalized report to help you calculate what costs your individual clients can expect and begin solving for those ongoing expenses in your planning conversations.