This case study illustrates the importance of your guidance in helping them prepare for the last phase of living well in retirement.

This article addresses client resistance to investing in LTC coverage and provides suggestions for broaching the topic with them.

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Review videos that dig into this and other topics related to legacy, estate and wealth transfer.

Materials to share with clients

This client-facing checklist can help them ensure that their wishes are followed while they’re living and that they’ll leave a loving legacy after they’re gone.

This client-facing guide offers ideas to help initiate family conversations about your end-of-life planning.

Recommend this organizer to your clients for gathering all of their important information in one place, which can minimize additional stress for loved ones in case of an emergency.

This client-facing guide can help your client think through the considerations of aging in place and lists other possible housing options.

This client-facing guide can help your client take steps to assure that their affairs will be handled and wishes honored in the event of incapacity.

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Help clients age well

While living a long life is a goal for most, longevity does come with risks. This webinar shares insights on how you can help your clients prepare for physical or cognitive risks and protect them from financial risks.

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