This guide considers ways to convert the value of a client's tax-deferred assets into a tax-free inheritance.

This case study considers the many areas where you can help solve for your new client's specific legacy planning needs.

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Review videos that dig into this and other topics related to legacy, estate and wealth transfer.

Materials to share with clients

This client-facing piece offers important tax implications to consider and actions to take to protect your surviving spouse.

This client-facing piece offers ideas for making their charitable intent as effective and tax efficient as possible.

This client-facing advisory for those who have remarried offers possible solutions for controlling the distribution of their assets after they're gone.

This client-facing piece explores a special-needs trust as a potential solution for parents seeking to protect their disabled child after they're gone.

This client-facing guide offers ideas to help initiate conversations with aging parents about their end-of-life plans.

Recommend this organizer to your clients for gathering all of their important information in one place, which can minimize additional stress for loved ones in case of an emergency.

Multi-generational family enjoying time together.

Bridging generations

This webinar explores how you can help your clients realize their wealth transfer goals. The right approach can connect you to the next generation, with the aim of working with them down the road.

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