Changing tax rules can be overwhelming for many people, but can often lead to planning opportunities you can share to provide added value in your discussions. Our tax-efficient retirement income program provides regularly updated education and insights to help simplify the complexities of tax planning for retirement.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income: Tax Impacts in Retirement

Whether helping clients save for or generate income in retirement, learn how integrating tax-planning conversations can help add considerable value to client relationships.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income: Tax Basics

There are many misconceptions about the tax implications of retirement income. Learn how the various sources of retirement income work and how they can work together as clients save for retirement.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income: Planning Opportunities

While a lot of focus is put on reducing taxes owed during our careers, not as much time is spent considering tax implications on retirement income. Learn how strategic moves made today can help clients diversify where they're saving and save on taxes owed over time to provide added tax savings throughout retirement.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income: Sequencing Strategies

The order in which retirement assets are distributed can have a considerable impact on your clients’ retirement income. Learn how to help clients achieve their income goals while also saving money on taxes and extending the life of the portfolio.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income: Assess and Improve the plan

Nationwide's Retirement Savings Worksheet can be a powerful tool to help review and assess the location of a client's savings and potentially help uncover a more complete view of a client’s assets. Learn how to use it to highlight opportunities and options that can improve tax efficiency.

Tax-efficient retirement income 101

Suzanne's story: Learn how Suzanne and her husband got help from their financial professional to better understand and help minimize income taxes in retirement.

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Tax efficiency with Peter

Find out how one recent retiree phased into retirement and worked with his financial professional to plan for tax-efficient income in retirement.

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