Let’s talk about land

Whether new to owning or renting farmland, currently farming or retired, the future of your farmland matters most.


Do you need farm insurance?

Farmland is a valuable asset. But its value also makes it a liability if you don’t have the right insurance protection in place.


Farmland leases: What you need to know

Growing competition and high costs make it important to sign a lease that spells out responsibilities of farmland owner and lessee.


Farmland lease relationships: Landowner and lessee

Learn how engagement between landowner and tenant builds trust and cements long-term relationships.


Protecting your farmland investment

Having a clear picture of what is raised on or supported by your farmland is the first step in identifying your liabilities.

Tips for peacefully passing on the family farm

Tips for peacefully passing on the family farm

Discussing the future of a farm isn’t always easy. Learn the four tips to facilitate the right communication for a successful family farm transition.

5 farm transition and estate planning strategies

Farm estate planning is often overlooked, leading to issues for potential heirs. These five strategies can help ease the transition to the next generation.

Farm succession planning with no family heirs

When there are no family heirs to take over your farm, a farm succession plan is essential. Learn what you need as you prepare your farm's transition.

Section 179 tax deductions for farm equipment

Section 179 tax deductions for farm equipment

Farmers planning to purchase farm equipment may want to consider doing it before the end of the year to capture substantial tax savings. Learn more about Section 179.

Social Security and Medicare for farmers

It’s important for farmers to plan their long-term financial future and retirement. Learn about Medicare and Social Security benefits for farmers.

Life insurance options for farmers

Life insurance can help protect your family, farming business and future farm operations. Learn about the most common life insurance options for farmers.

How a family planned for the future of their farm

It’s important to build a well-planned farm transition plan. Find out how Nationwide helped a family plan for retirement and the future of their farm

Tips on long-term care planning for farmers

When planning for your farm’s future, it’s good to review personal and financial goals. View these tips on long-term care planning for farm and ranch families.

Attract farmworkers with retirement savings plans

Learn about the various retirement savings plans available for farm employees. There are options available for family farms, large farms and agribusinesses.

Gifting large farm assets

Farm transition planning is important for families to discuss. See how you can plan and gift large farm assets to the next generation.

Succession planning

Succession planning

Transfer the family farm to the next generation as smoothly as possible.

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