Appreciating the bigger picture

Watch Thomas and Lorene’s video to hear their full story, and check out the variety of resources below, including client-approved materials you can share.

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Understanding the client need

Review these Nationwide Retirement Institute® resources for clients who want to be prepared for funding this potential expense as they age. Black caregivers have been vital for their families throughout the pandemic. Read in this blog article about how many now have a new sense of urgency to discuss LTC planning with their family.

LTC conversation starters

Help your clients imagine the type of extended care they would want if they needed it.

Create an estimate of long-term care costs that compares locations and years.


Help your clients imagine the type of extended care they would want if they needed it.

Suggesting solutions

Learn more about our comprehensive approach to addressing complex retirement challenges with greater confidence. With a few simple inputs, get a quick example of how Nationwide CareMatters could help ease your clients' concern about needing long-term care coverage in the future.
Talking points

Video transcript and financial professional talking points

Lorene Conley: My name is Lorene.

Thomas Conley: My name is Thomas. Me and Lorene, we met actually in high school. We were in typing class and I said, “That’s the girl that I'm going to marry.”

Lorene: And I don’t let him forget that, either. I have a little dog, a Shih Tzu who I love, Benji. My girls are grown, so what I do now, Benji has become the baby. And he is spoiled, yes. And I love to be around my family.

“Family is more important to me than anything. Thomas and I, as being primary caregivers for our parents, it’s interesting.”

(0:34) When family is important, long-term care planning can help family members cope when those needs arise. The planning and additional financial resources can also help reduce the stress of caregiving on the family.

Thomas and I, as being primary caregivers for our parents, it’s interesting.

Thomas: My mother passed away, and I had to go over there and help my father out a whole lot. You know, that was my introduction to caring for someone. Because I had never had to do that. Not on that level.

“I’ve learned a lot taking care of my mom. I help her maintain her bills, I help her with transportation. Order her prescriptions. All those little areas that she cannot do. I am her ears, arms, hands. Everything.”

(0:59) Everyone’s caregiving experience and needs are different; having a flexible solution can help people adapt more easily.

Thomas: But then you see so many people that, they’re not in that position. Particularly, I operate a homeless shelter. And you see so many people that, they're only worried about the next day. It made me think that, wait a minute, we could be working every day and not really plan for ourselves for our future.

“I know a lot of my friends would say, ‘I’m not worried about it. I have a house. If something happens to me, my children, they can cash in the house.’ But I always tell them, I say ‘Well, why would you not want to leave a legacy for your children?’ ”

(1:42) The ability to tap into a source of funds for long-term care can help preserve family wealth so that it can be passed along to future generations. And, long-term care benefits are usually paid tax-free (clients should consult with a tax professional). Using dedicated funds for LTC can help families avoid liquidating other assets that might result in taxes eroding the proceeds.

Why not just have something separate, another plan? When it gets hard with one of the parents, and sometimes it's overload, we have each other. But why not make it a little bit even easier for my girls? So, I learned through my mom the importance of long-term care.

Thomas: It is so important that individuals position themselves and see a bigger picture in life instead of that every day, living day-by-day picture.

Lorene: So we just want to make sure that we have something in place that my children can continue to live their life, and that we can also be taken care of, and have the best of care.

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Use the provided video clips and social post text to share Thomas and Lorene’s story and related resources with financial professionals on social media.


Share Thomas and Lorene’s story to demonstrate to financial professionals the importance of being proactive about long-term care planning.


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